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Vehicle and Insurance Search:

This search will verify any vehicles owned by the claimant AND if the claimant had insurance at the time the accident occurred. NOTE: The police report case number, date of report, driver’s name, insured name, and the date the accident occurred are required for this search. If possible, provide a copy of the police report to ensure a thorough search.


The DPS staff has extensive training in accident investigations and can review police reports for accuracy. If requested, our staff will also return to the accident scene and canvass the area attempting to identify unknown witnesses, take pictures of the scene, video traffic light timing, traffic flows, identify any possible obstructions, review reports of prior accidents at same location.


These types of searches will aid in determining if the claimant received any treatment PRIOR to the accident and will expose any previously unreported injuries. The radius of the search will be determined by the background check of the claimant. These could include out of state medical facilities. NOTE: A medical authorization maybe required prior to conducting this type of search.